The Amazing Math Toolbox Handout

Educational Strategies & Student Engagement Institute
September 21-23, 2015
David Davis -


Getting Ready
  1. Florida Standards . always start by analyzing the standards to see what the student needs to know
  2. Unpacking Standards . pdf handout on how to unpack the Florida Standards, using a math example
  3. Puffin Browser . a mobile browser for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices that runs Flash, enabling many online math supports to work on a mobile device
  4. Natural Reader (Win) . a free text to speech reader
  5. Text to Speech on Mac
  6. Text to Speech on iOS

Math Basics
  1. Classroom Suite . includes animation, manipulatives, text-to-speech, and multimedia to demonstrate basic math concepts with multiple access options. there is a 30 day trial version and a collection of teacher made activities
  2. Math 180 . software that targets the development of fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  3. Go Solve . uses graphic organizers to help students plan for solving word problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  4. Kahn Academy . free extensive online learning environment with personal online dashboard
  5. GCFLearnFree . free elementary math lessons, part of a more extensive set of learning activities
  6. MathBoard (iOS Mac) . interactive math and fraction pay software
  7. DragonBox Algebra (iOS) . pay app that introduces algebra concepts in a game format
  8. Sumdog . online basic math games, mostly free, with some games available for pay

Virtual Manipulatives/Simulations
  1. Visual Fractions - . includes online tools for learning fractions
  2. Conceptua Math . great free and pay online tools to help students master fractions
  3. Interactive Sites for Math . great collection of interactive activities in a variety of curriculum areas, including mathematics
  4. Glencoe Virtual Manipulatives Math . online virtual math manipulative lab with backgrounds, objects, rulers, protractors, and other tools
  5. GeoGebra . desktop and mobile interactive geometry tools
  6. Illuminations . a collection of online, standard-based virtual manipulatives and lessons
  7. Sketchometry . free online tool for drawing and creating geometric shapes
  8. NLVM . collection of online manipulatives and visualizations for all grade levels
  9. Whiteboard Resources . Collection of online manipulatives suitable for interactive whiteboards and touch screens
  10. Math Studio . free online math tools with interactive graphs
  11. Explore Learning . extensive online set of mathematic simulations and visualizations
  12. Cinderella (Win Mac) . free geometry software with extensive features
  13. Desmos . interactive graphing calculator with teacher created lessons
  14. Geoboard (Win) . free digital geoboard with area and perimeter tools

  1. Big Calculator (Win) . a free basic calculator that can be adjusted for really big buttons. recommend Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher
  2. Metacalc . free online calculator in various sizes
  3. MoffSoft FreeCalc (Win) . a great basic calculator with adjustable size and color schemes, and a simulated paper tape display
  4. Fraction Calculator (iOS Mac) . inexpensive fraction calculator
  5. Calculatoria . online basic and advanced calculators with printable paper tape display and comments
  6. Alcula Calculators . extensive collection of online calculators
  7. CalcTape (Win Mac Mobile) . calculator with “paper” display that includes commenting features. there is a free and a pay desktop version and pay mobile versions
  8. CCCalc . free calculator with editable tape
  9. SpeedCrunch (Win Mac) . a free scientific calculator
  10. Calculator Collection (Win) . free simple utility that includes four types of calculators
  11. Adding Machine . very basic online adding machine with printable paper display

  1. Free Online Graph Paper . free online PDFs of various graph papers. includes an online generator so you can create customized graph paper and print it out
  2. Popular Math Graphic Organizers
  3. Dynamic Paper . create and print math activity handouts
  4. Math Charts . free printable math handouts

  1. Create a Graph . online tool for making bar, line, area, pie, and other graphs
  2. ChartGo . easy online tool for making data charts
  3. Online Graphing Calculators . free set of online calculators
  4. Algebra Graphing Calculator
    nsmedia/tools/Graph_Calculator/graphCalc.html . free online algebra graphing calculator

  1. A Math Dictionary for Kids
  2. Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary
  3. Math Ref (iOS app) . over 1,400 formulas, figures, and examples to help you with math, physics, chemistry and more
  4. WolframAlpha (iOS app) . a definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation in a wide range of topics, including mathematics, statistics, and data analysis
  5. Math TV . online math instruction videos
  6. Kahn Academy - . free extensive online learning environment with personal online dashboard

Problem Solvers
  1. Acqualia . interesting pay problem solver that allows text in the problems
    1. Video how to
  2. Mathway . online math problem solver. free to just see the answer with a pay version to show the steps
  3. WebMath . online tool that helps students solve math problems. from general math through calculus
  4. FastFig . a free math word processor
  5. Microsoft Math (Win) . great tool to help tackle math and science problems. includes tool to show the steps in solving an equation, a graphing calculator, and more. teacher's guide and basic how-to

Virtual Worlds
  1. Jumpstart . educational activities in virtual worlds
  2. TropicMind . a virtual world of educational activities
  3. MathBlaster . virtual world math games
  4. Zula World . science and math activities
  5. Mathbreakers (Win Mac) . virtual world filled with math activities
  6. MInecraft . popular virtual world
    1. Ideas for basic math in Minecraft
  7. Blocksworld . lego style virtual world
  8. Opensim . open source virtual world where students manipulate geometric shapes to create buildings and environments. here are some resources for getting started with Opensim
    1. List of Opensim Hosting Services
    2. Opensim School Quick Start Guide